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How to Unsend Messages in Facebook Messenger?

Many times while chatting, we send something that we shouldn’t and thus we want to unsend it. Here is how you can unsend messages in Facebook Messenger.

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How to Unsend Facebook Messages in a Web Browser?

If you are on Facebook web and while chatting you want to unsend a message, follow the steps below

  1. Right beside the message, you will see three dots (More)
  2. Click on the three dots
  3. Click on “Remove
  4. In the pop-up, select “Unsend for everyone” to delete the message for everyone
  5. Click on “Remove”
  6. Click on “Okay

The message will be removed and you and others will just see a bubble saying “You unsent a message

How to Unsend Message in Facebook Messenger App?

Whether you are using iPhone or Android, the process to unsend message from the Facebook Messenger app will remain the same

  1. Tap and hold the chat message that you want to unsend
  2. Tap on “More“, then tap on “Unsend
  3. Tap on “Unsend for Everyone” to delete the message for all the participants. If you want, you can even delete the message only for you by selecting “Unsend for you
  4. Tap on “Ok

You will notice that the message has been deleted and you will just see “You unsent a message

Can People still see the unsent Facebook Message?

If you have unsend a message on Facebook, the conversation will be deleted. But it might be possible that before the message disappeared, the recipient had already seen it.

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