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How to Snapchat With Music Playing From Phone

If you have some music on your phone and you want to add those to your Snapchat then this article will be helpful to you. All the instructions mentioned in this article are applicable to the latest version of Snapchat.
So before following the steps make sure to update your Snapchat app.

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How to Send Snapchats With Music

Snapchat’s recent version has got a feature that will let you add your phone’s music to your Snapchat. Prior to the update, you need to play music on another device and record video on your phone simultaneously.

  1. Open the music-playing app on your phone and play the music you want.
  2. Let the music be played, and open your Snapchat app. Tap and hold the record button to record your video
  3. Before posting the video make sure to preview the video.

Note:- Snapchat records audio at a higher volume, so make sure to reduce the volume before recording.

That’s it.

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