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How to Powerwash the Chromebook?

Chromebooks are made to offer simplicity and ease of use for users. Chrome OS is way simple than Macbooks and Windows. But even after keeping it simple, sometimes it freezes and shows some stubborn issues.

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In such cases, the only option left to fix is to reset or powerwash the Chromebook. Another reason to powerwash your Chromebook is if you are selling it or changing its ownership.

In any scenario, the Chromebook will come back to its original state.

What to do Before Powerwash a Chromebook?

The first and foremost step before power washing the Chromebook is to make back up all the stored in the hard drive, download folder, and other personal folders in an external storage device.

Powerwash Through Chrome Browser

If you want to reset or powerwash your Chromebook using Chrome browser then follow the steps below

  1. Launch “Chrome” browser
  2. Click on “Menu” i.e three dots given at the top right corner
  3. Click on “Settings
  4. On the “Chrome Settings” click on “Advanced
  5. Here you will see the “Reset Settings” section, click on “Powerwash” option given
  6. You will see a dialog box labeled “Restart your device
  7. Click on “Restart

Your Chromebook will be restarted and you will be asked to set the device again. So follow the instructions to set it up.

Powerwash Chromebook from Login Screen

Instead of going through the Chrome browser, you can even reset the device right from the login screen. Here is how to do it

  1. When you are on the Login screen, press “Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R” on the keyboard
  2. You will see a window labeled “Reset this Chrome Device
  3. Click on “Restart
  4. The device will be restarted and you will see the Powerwash” option. Click on it
  5. Next click on “Continue

As its done, you can set up the device with new details

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